Our company provides a wide range of services to our customers.
Included among them:

Supply and fitting of tyres, batteries and exhausts

Maclaren car

maclaren wheel

 We have recently purchased a Snap-on Quadriga tyre fitting machine - this one, in fact, being the first of its kind to be imported into the UK. 

It can be operated in either fully automatic or manual mode and will cope with wheel rims up to 30" diameter and 17" width.  It gives unbeatable accuracy and control thus eliminating any risk of damage to either the wheel or tyre.  It will also fit tyres to reverse-rim wheels.

Snap-on Hofmann Quadriga tyre machine (picture courtesy of NWN Media)

It can be used for removing and fitting any type of modern tyre including UHP and Run-on-flat types.


 Quadriga tyre clamping (courtesy of Snap-on Hofmann)


Quadriga demounting (courtesy of Snap-on Hofmann)


Quadriga completing (courtesy of Snap-on Hofmann)

Puncture repairs

A plug/patch assembly being fitted as part of a puncture repair


3D Wheel Alignment (tracking)

We now have a new 3D Wheel Alignment system by Snap-on

3D wheel alignment system

This has two cameras mounted on the cross beam which pick up images from each of four mirrors, one fitted to each wheel of the vehicle 

3D cameras

The mirrors have a special pattern and by slight movement of the vehicle can even allow for wheel run-out. The wheels rest upon turning and slide plates to allow for suspension and steering movements

Wheel mirror

In the following pictures, the cameras and all four mirrors can be seen on either side of the car

Both sides of vehicle during alignment

The computer analyses the data from the cameras, giving a simple 3D image showing the state of alignment for all four wheels and enabling the technician to correct any errors

3D display


Dynamic wheel balancing
For all modern vehicles including the centreless wheels for Citroen/Peugeot.  We also cater for vintage and classic sizes having Rudge centres and/or narrow rims.

Modern Hoffman Dynamic Balancer

Mobile Tyre Fitting
We can also provide roadside or home assistance by way of our fully equipped mobile fitting van  if required. Call us on 01978 757052 to arrange a call-out. 

Battery testing
If you suspect that your battery may be nearing the end of its life, we can carry out a check on its health. This only takes a few minutes and you will receive a print out of the results showing its general condition and state of charge. In many cases, the battery itself may not be at fault and so replacement may not be necessary. 

Exhausts, Catalytic Converter testing and DPF Regeneration
If you have exhaust problems we can check for leaks, rattles and corrosion. We can also test your Catalytic Converter's action, regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter if fitted and, of course, replace any of these if necessary. Please note however, that many failures of these components are the result of engine management faults, so an OBD reading (see below) may well be advisable in such cases. 

Electronic (OBD) code reading and diagnostics
We have both the latest Launch and VDO diagnostic equipment, fully up to date with the latest software, and we can now use these to diagnose faults in your car's electronic systems such as those for TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems), Air Bag systems, ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) and Engine Management. 

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation
We can also offer a Nitrogen Inflation Service for your tyres - whether newly purchased or existing. Our rig is connected to the four wheels of your car and runs through a cycle whereby the air is purged and replaced with Nitrogen gas. This offers a number of advantages including improved pressure maintenance which in turn leads to increased safety, improved fuel efficiency and longer tyre life. The process also reduces the moisture level of the filling gas thus lessening the risk of corrosion of the wheel rim - which can also lead to pressure loss. 

Nitrogen generator rig

Customer car undergoing Nitrogen Inflation


We now offer car and van service work including the following: 

  • Oil & Filters - all leading brands including Shell and Castrol, Mann and Fram
  • Suspension - arms, bushes, shock absorbers, drop links 
  • Steering - track rod arms and track rod ends
  • Brakes - discs, pads, callipers - all leading brands including Ferodo, Pagid and Brembo


We can remove most types of locking wheel nut where the key has been lost or damaged and then supply either replacements or standard bolts

vw beetle

 Our Telephone: 01978 757052